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CAT is currently unable to take in residential volunteers before September 2021. We are working with day volunteers on Tuesdays 10am to 3pm.

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We need more changemakers. Volunteering at CAT gives you a chance to develop skills and support our work offering practical solutions and provide hands-on learning to help create a zero carbon world.

Volunteers were responsible for starting CAT over 45 years ago. Today they still form an invaluable part of the CAT family.

Our volunteers help us to improve the site throughout the year, and to keep things running. Volunteering with us is an excellent opportunity, where you can gain new skills and work experience, explore this beautiful area of Mid-Wales and the Snowdonia National Park, and meet a range of interesting and friendly new people in a sustainable environment.

Here at CAT there are many different ways to volunteer:

The main route is as a residential six-month volunteer, living on-site, helping in our Gardens or Woodlands and Water teams.

If you can’t do a 6-month residential, there may be shorter volunteering opportunities, but accommodation may not be available.

Otherwise, if you live more locally you can offer to give a day on a regular basis with us.

Learn more about being a six month residential volunteer (Currently unavailable until September 2021)

Applications to residential volunteering closed due to COVID-19 restrictions

If you can’t do a 6-month residential, there may be shorter residential opportunities.

Learn more about short term volunteering (Currently unavailable until September 2021)

Otherwise, if you live more locally you can offer to give a day on a regular basis with us.

Learn more about day volunteering

Have a look below to find what volunteering opportunities are currently available, read what past volunteers have said, or have a look at our Volunteering Introduction Guide.


Volunteer in the garden

Volunteering Opportunities

Get involved and help support CAT's vision of a sustainable future, learn valuable skills and meet a diverse range of motivated and engaging volunteers, students, staff and visitors.

Most of our volunteers join the estates department, working in either the woods and water team or the gardens team, and you can see more information about these roles below.

However, if you have particular skills you’d like to offer to CAT, we’d be delighted to consider applications for other departments. For example, previous volunteers have worked in digital media, marketing, fundraising, visitor engagement, mail order, and short courses.

Gardens Volunteer

Come and live and breath sustainability. While here you'll get the chance to work with and learning from our wonderful gardens team, meet a host of inspiring and interesting and become an integral part of what CAT does.

Woodlands and Water

Explore woodland management, learn valuable skills and have fun working alongside our woodlands and water team to help manage our woodlands, water and sanitation systems and make improvements around the site using our natural resources.

What our previous volunteers have said

As someone who has a degree in Ecology from many years ago but no practical experience to back it up, I am sure that my six months at CAT will really put me back in touch with my love for the environment and demonstrate to future employers my commitment to it.
Joe Wogden – Woodland Volunteer

Joe Wogden – Woodland Volunteer

The CAT staff and volunteers really believe in what they are doing - something you don’t find in many work places. It’s a really inspiring place. A springboard for so many people in so many ways, that’s why so many volunteers wish they could stay.
Rachel Solnick – Gardens Volunteer

Rachel Solnick – Gardens Volunteer

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If you have any questions that aren't answered please get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you.